NEW Regional Online Business Platform

A new regional online business database that will showcase local businesses and make it easy for corporations, suppliers and consumers to connect will be launching soon.

Partners in the Project

Mid-Sask Municipal Alliance Inc. – Celine Favreau, Director of Operations & Planning

Humboldt and District Chamber of Commerce – Brent Fitzpatrick, Executive Director

Watson and District Chamber of Commerce – Kim Mitchell, Executive Director

Watrous-Manitou Marketing Group – Vickie Clarke, Community Development Officer

Carlton Trail College – Jennifer Brooks, Development and Communications Manager

This online business platform is being established as a portal for local businesses that are located within the MSMA Region and surrounding area.  There will be controls in place to ensure that listings remain from within the target area.  The business listings will be accessible by anyone wishing to access products, services, and skills from within the region.

The business database will be included in all MSMA Region marketing initiatives and will be an integral part of an ongoing investment attraction initiative.

Data Collection

Our team will be reaching out to businesses across the region over the next eight weeks to assist businesses with registering on the site and provide technical support on completing a business profile.

The platform is scheduled to launch later this fall.  Businesses will have access to their profiles prior to the launch of the site.

Contact Our Team Leader

Jessica Rorison, Business Relations & Project Coordinator     

The Online Economy

This online digital marketing platform will support the transition of local businesses to participate more fully in the online economy. The platform will maximize opportunities to generate revenues through digital means and establish a medium to represent and promote the skills, resources and experience of area businesses. This searchable database of products and services will strengthen local procurement within the region.

Online Presence

The purpose of this online database is to design a web presence that will direct and inform users of where to find the information they are looking for.  These functions will include:

  • the Public View with marketing information and all listing information the member wishes the public to see with searchable criteria.
  • the Password Protected Portal can include additional information the company would like to only make available to approved contractors (ie: inventory amounts/ size of contracts they can handle)
  • the Website can include areas for advertising as a revenue opportunity for the Alliance

This regional online business platform will increase awareness of the products, supplies and services available across the region and as a result will strengthen the competitiveness of the region through increased business opportunities.

The Value of Connections

With more businesses migrating to online platforms, the MSMA wants a vehicle to make connections between purchasers and providers easier.

The platform will function as a searchable listing of Supply and Service Companies from across the region.  Site functions will include:

  • Listed Companies can add a Logo, pictures and description of services
  • Contractors can post contract opportunities
  • Contractors can search companies via technical / service abilities
  • Companies can be notified when a contractor is interested in them
  • Companies can be notified when contract opportunities are posted
  • Notification System for posted contracts/ opportunities
  • Approval Section: Contractors and Members can register and start building profiles at anytime, profiles will not go live on the database until approved by an MSMA administrator

This database will provide the ability to easily search through hundreds of categories and businesses to narrow down the listings to a number of key providers and reach out to them all with one notification.

In addition to the supplier database, businesses will be offered an e-commerce option to be hosted on the same platform.  An online retail marketplace with shared e-commerce services as an additional component of the platform will provide a cost-effective means to reach area customers, with a convenient 24/7 shopping experience.

Project Sponsor

BHP, an industry partner, also sees value and has provided $66,300 to the MSMA for the development and launch of the regional online business platform.  The new database will serve to increase the awareness of products, supplies and services available across the region.


All businesses operating within the MSMA Region and surrounding area will be invited to register on the database.  Technical support will be available for the first number of months, as efforts will be made to register as many area businesses as possible.  The value of the site will be in the critical mass of the region’s business community being included on the platform.

Each business listing will be categorized by sector, Commercial Hub, Agriculture, Mining & Manufacturing, Tourism and by capacities, products, and services.

The more detailed the information in the business profile, the more targeted the notifications of contract opportunities.